“I decided to join to a Kite Sisters Trip thanks to the confidence that Chelu gave me and the professionalism that everything was managed on the entire process; from the transportation, the Hotel, the gear, the meals and the shared moments. On my trip, I met wonderful girls, we had a great time! And I´m still in contact with 3 of them. Everything was designed to make us enjoy from early in the morning, with Yoga lessons, that made us wake up and activate most of us, followed by a complete and with lot of talks breakfast, after we jump to the water to practise Surf, trying to get a wave and, during the afternoon Kitesurf! What most motivate me from the trip, of course.
Chelu and Octavio gave me the confidence that I needed to completely enjoy this amazing sport. After returning tired from an busy day, we used to go directly to the hot water bathtub to recover and share a beautiful sunset… the day finished perfectly, with a tiredness enriched by adventures, good company and laughs.
The day after, the fun continue. Thanks for this wonderful and unforgettable experience, ready to repeat.
Absolutely recommended, without doubts”.

Diana - Civil & Industrial Engineer - Chile
SAP Solutions Chief