Testimonial Adri

My experience with Kite Sisters was amazing! I started with kite surf courses in Rosario, Argentina, in the Parana River in february 2012. Awesome but difficult for me, considering that I was 48 in that moment (today 49) and it was a challenge, as I don’t practice sports because I don´t like it (just gym when I have time). In may I bought my first gear and keep practicing in the Parana River; but I needed more lessons to get confidence, loose that fear to the Kite, feel independent and being able to ride free and happy… and I managed to do that in Paracas, Peru, an amazing spot, flat water, steady wind, 4 hs of Kitesurf every day with Chelu and Octa, my new instructors! When I finally, after 2 or 3 days without stopping, I got to really ride, I cried of emotion in the middle of the Paracas Bay… BECAUSE I DID IT! I have to say, I´m a lawyer, university teacher, too many books, words and reading, lot of Law; but in Paracas I finally got  to understand the nature, water and wind laws and all together in my mind and soul, today with 49 years old… I did it! Was a challenge and a big achievement… and now I´m coming for the next one… when I arrive to the 50s, with more hours in the water, I will start to jump… I believe in me… Kite Sisters was and is a VERY important part of this new stage in my life! Kitesurf gave me back the “horizon”, the illusion and the game; with almost 50 years old; when everybody is waiting that you start to become a grumbling old lady. As we say in Rosario with my friends: In the name of the Wind, the Water and the Holly Kite!!!”

Adriana - Rosario, Argentina
Lawyer, PhD in Law, University Professor