Leona Savoie, Canada

Amazing experience (Paracas 2015). Kite Sisters (Chelu & Octavio and their Crew) know how to curate a kite & yoga camp with class and maturity. Everything was so well organized and you really felt that you were taken care of. You could tell even in the beginning with the ease of registration and the flow of information. You are really taken care of.
We had excellent conditions to learn to kite in. And the level of attention for each kiter was phenomenal.
Yoga instruction was also excellent and a good balance to the intensity that learning the sport of kiting can bring.
I will definitely be back! Thank you Kite Sisters Crew (Chelu, Octavio, Juan Carlos, Arjan and Juan) XOXO

Leona Savoie, Canada. Kiteboarding & Yoga Camp Paracas, Peru. October 24th to 31st, 2015

Leona Savoie