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Surf Sisters Camps – A Commercial Brand, of Leveller Group Company

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We organizes Women´s only Surf & Yoga Retreats in different destinations around the world, including Dominican Republic, Peru and Morocco.

With more than 5 year in the Sports and Travel Industry, every Retreat has been carefully developed and chosen for women´s; with detailed attention in every single detail.

Our Retreat joins Surf with Integral Yoga, a method that gathers together different methods and techniques, with a focus on surfing.

Every session during the week will be different, where we work on diverse aspect for the Surf training, including balance, flexibility, strength and stretching, adapted to the moment of the week; helping your body, mind and spirit to maintain the balance, concentration, energy and joy during the entire Retreat.

Retreats are life-changing experiences: sharing them with a group of women from different countries, discovering each destination throughout the sport with people that will show you what you won´t find on a travel guide; is an unique and invaluable opportunity.

A Surf Sisters Retreat is a balanced experienced that combines surf, yoga and wellness. Every destination has been chosen due to it´s waves conditions; the energy, culture and history component and culinary experience.

Our objective is that every sister can travel and explore different destinations and share this experience with other women´s from all around the world, learning surf, vitalizing through yoga, having fun and enjoy delicious local, healthy and fresh food; on a safe, fun and competitions-free environment; guided by a professional and experienced team in extreme and actions sports and women´s travel.

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