Essaouira, Morocco

Spot description

Essaouira is a spot with different beaches for everyone – beginners and advanced kite surfers alike; both for Freestyle and to try your first steps on Wave Riding.

It´s a huge, ca. 4 km long and up to 800 meters wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach where wind blows from the right side-shore and side on-shore.

From April to October, the strong, dependable winds, strengthened by thermal effects, accompanied by reduced swell and, therefore, smaller waves, makes it a really safe spot, because you always end up back on the sandy beach without obstacles.


Climate is dry, stable, sunny every day and without rainfall.

Average temperature. During the day it is usually between 80 and 90F. The sun is strong, yet due to the fresh wind you won´t feel the sun burning on your skin. Therefore it is important to use sunscreen with a high factor. At night the temperatures usually drops to 68 F, so it is recommended to bring a coat or sweater for the evenings.

Clothing. Bring summer and spring clothes, it is usually colder in the afternoons and evenings so do not forget to bring a pair or shoes, a hoodie, a jacket and sweater.


Wind average: 20 to 35 knots

Direction: Side-on Shore

Kites sizes: 5 to 9 meters

Boards: twin tip and waves (with or without straps)


Wetsuit. A wetsuit is necessary. The recommended sizes are 3/2 o 4/3

Booties. Recommended. Even of it´s sandy bottom beach, sometimes you can find some conchs that can heart you feet.

Kite Sisters Riad Essaouira

The group will be living on a large and beautiful Villa in the Countryside of Essaouira, only 10 minutes from the Medina – fortified city – and 5 from most of the Kite and Surf beaches.
This Riad-Style Villa has an exquisite architecture, combining berebere and european style and offering wide, open and charming moroccan gardens, private swimming pool, chill area, huge and comfortable living room and Hammam (Moroccan Sauna) in the Club House.
Open, comfortable and cozy bedrooms, with double occupancy, on queen size and single beds.

Rooms distribution:

2 Bedrooms with Double beds and ensuite bathroom. Available for upgrade to private rooms.

2 attached Master Bedrooms with Kind size beds and ensuite bathroom.

1 bedroom with 3 single beds and private ensuite bathroom.

* Upgrade to private private ensuite room available for an extra cost.

Completely equipped kitchen and a comfortable living room.

Bed linens and towel included. Daily cleaning.

Morocco´s Facts

Languages. The official languages are Arabic and French. Since it is a popular destination, people in Essaouira (and generally in Morocco), also speaks English and Spanish.

Religion. Morocco is a muslim country and Islam is the state religion.

Currency. The Morocco national currency is the Dirham (DH, Dr or Mad) 1 Euro = 11 Dh / 1 USD = 9 Dh

Electricity. European plug of 220-230 volts.

Telephone and Internet. Morocco country code is 00 212.

Health. You do not need vaccinations to enter to Morocco. You should be cautious about hygiene which means paying attention to food and only drink bottled water.


Passport must be valid for another 6 months in order to travel to Morocco. You can check on the following websites if you need VISA to visit Morocco:

Turismo Marruecos

Morocco Visa

Arrival Airport.

Marrakesh Menara Airport International (RAK)

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