Ambergris Caye, Belize

Kite & Yoga Camp

Our annual Camp in Belize is organized every year in March. You can check the details about our Packages and inclusions HERE or directly CONTACT US and will get back to you with all the information shortly.

Spot description

White sandy beach, palm trees and warm, pristine and shallow water, ideal to learn and push your riding. Our Kite Spots in Belize are generally uncrowded, just for us or maybe we need to share with another rider!

We have 2 main Kitesurf spots: a great flat water lagoon located right in front from our Villa and a huge waist-high sandbar located a few minutes boat drive.

During winter time, Belize receives the “trade winds”, blowing from the east; with a side-on shore and on shore direction.


Tropical and beautiful weather, with an average temperature of 80 to 88 F / 26 to 32° C, between November and April.

From February and on (March, April and May) is the “dry season”; with sunny days and a few occasional rains.

Sea Temperature: warm water with an average of 79 F / 79° C.

Clothing: summer clothes, for either day and night. Sometimes, can get a little bit colder during the night, so you may need a light sweater or hoodie and a light jacket for any occasional rain.


Is generally steady, with an average of 12 to 20 knots, stronger during the morning and late afternoon.

Wind season: December through May

Kite sizes: 8 to 14 meters


Wetsuit: It´s not necessary. It´s important to bring a rashguard because sun is really strong.

Booties. Are recommended for the beginner and intermediate riders, the bottom of the Kite beach has sand, sea weed and areas with seashells and conchs, so if you will need to walk upwind, we would recommend bringing your booties.

Kite Sisters Villa

The Kite Sisters Villa in Ambergris Caye will blow your mind!

It´s an exclusive luxury property with it´s own private beach and lagoon; absolutely secluded and unique.

A beautiful crafted, spiral staircase connects the 3 levels of the House, that presents exquiste decoration. The Villa has 6 spacious AC bedrooms with stunning views and open terraces.

All the facilities need: comfortable, open and spacious areas, Internet WiFi, Cable TV. Private swimming pool, deck and beach.

As usual, our private chef that will delight you every day with fresh breakfasts, including local fruit, juice, jam, home made bread, pancakes and coffee; home made lunches and dinners.

To protect the privacy of our groups, we don´t show the photos of the Villa online, but you can check all the details and images when you contact us and request for information.

Belize´s facts:

Language. The official language in Belize is English.

Telephone and Internet. Belize´s country code s 00+501

Electricity. 110 voltios.

Currency. 1 USD = 2 BZ

Health. You do not need vaccinations to enter to Belize. Tap water is clean and you can use it to cook.


Visa in Belize is valid for 1 month. Passport must be valid for another six moths in order to travel to Belize. You can check on Belize´s government official website to confirm if you need VISA to enter to the country. Recommended sites:

Travel Belize

Belize´s Embassy

Arrival Airport.

Goldson International Airport is located 16 km northwest from Belize City. IATA Code: BZE.

Our packages include the internal flight from Belize International Airport to Ambergris Caye local Airport.

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