Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kite & Yoga Camp

Our annual Camp in Cabarete, Dominican Republic is organized every year in June. You can check the details about our Packages and inclusions HERE or directly CONTACT US and will get back to you with all the information shortly.

Spot description

Cabarete it’s all in one: natural beauty, tourism, sports, wind, waves, adventure, rich gastronomy and avid nightlife; a small and relax beach village located in the north coast of the island and only 20 minutes drive from POP International Airport.

Cabarete has grown the last 10 years thanks to the development of water sports and became one the Mecas of the Kitesurf worldwide; there are no doubts about this: here everything is about surf, kitesurf and windsurf, wherever you look there is a person with a board; the perfect tropical getaway for those looking for an integrated vacation that includes all.

It´s strategic location faces the warm Atlantic Ocean and receives the famous “trade winds“, strong and consistent winds that blow easterly and give Cabarete perfect side-onshore conditions most of the time.

There are many beaches where you can ride and downwinds are a really frequent and fun activity: from famous and crowded Kite Beach to Bozo Beach and Bay, closed by (sometimes) shallow reef, you can find choppy or shallow conditions; big waves and fun kickers; everything you need for epics sessions.

Mornings generally start with glass water and no wind (perfect for surfing!), and at 12 AM wind starts to blow, increasing during the afternoon until 6 PM, when it drops and arrives the chill out and after session beers time.


Tropical and beautiful weather, summer time is warm, windy and sunny; with an average temperature of 28 C / 82 F to 33 C / 92 F.

Clothing: summer clothes needed, for day and night. Sometimes, can get a little bit colder during the night, so you may need a light sweater or hoodie and a light jacket for any occasional rain.

Ocean Temperature: warm water in summer has an average of 84 F / 29C.


Average: 16 to 25 knots

Direction: Side-On Shore

Kite sizes: 6 to 10 meters


Wetsuit: It´s not neccesary. It´s important to bring a rashguard (with long sleeves) because sun is strong.

Booties. Are recommended for the beginner and intermediate lessons.

Kite Sisters House D.R.

As we are used to, our groups will be living on a large, beautiful and luxury Villa in the gathered community.

The Kite Sisters Villa features a tropical and lush garden and private swimming pool; with open areas to enjoy the garden and terrace. Our House is located just a few minutes from the Kitesurf spot and surf beach and it´s fully equipped with everything for your comfort.

To protect the privacy of our groups, we don´t show the photos of the Villa online, but you can check all the details and images when you contact us and request for information.

Dominican Republic´s Facts:

Language. Official language is Spanish

Telephone and Internet. Area code is 001 + 809

Currency. 1 USD = 400 DOP (dominican pesos)

Electricity. 110 voltios

Health. There is any mandatory vaccine to visit D.R.


Citizens and residents from United States, Canada and most of the European countries need a Tourist Card (VISA) to enter to D.R, which price is US$ 10 and you can get it when you arrive to the country. Website:

Go Dominican Republic

Arrival Airports. Dominican Republic has many airports; 3 of them the best to arrive to Cabarete:

Santo Domingo Las Americas: code SDQ, located 250 km from Cabarete and the Camp transfer will be schedule from this Airport.

Santiago Airport: code STI, located 68 km from Cabarete.

Gregorio Luperon Puerto Plata Airport: code POP; located only 20 km from Cabarete.

Past Camps. 


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