Who we are: Kite Sisters

The original Women´s only Kiteboarding Camps Company since 2010: learn to kitesurf with our Kitesurfing Trips, Holidays and Retreats. Kite lessons for women worldwide: Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Europe.

Kite Sisters organizes Women´s only Kiteboarding Camps and Kitesurf Trips in different destinations around the world: Belize, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Peru and Chile.

We offer an unique experience; a Kiteboarding Holiday with an innovative format and proposal, exclusively developed and design in every detail for women: A truly Retreat on luxury Villas, highend transportation, personalized services, exquisite local and fresh meals prepared by our Certified International Chefs; you will learn Kiteboarding and improve your riding, travel and live an unforgettable experience, while you enjoy a week on a beautiful female getaway.

Our Kitesurf Trips focus in your learning and progression, delivering an unforgettable and unique experience; together with a group of women from all over the world; sharing, enriching and enjoying a kitesurf vacation; on a safe, fun and competition-free environment guided by a professional and experienced team.

With High – End services and an international Crew of professionals from Tourism and Sport fields: Instructors (Kite, Surf and Yoga), Coordinator and Chef; Kite Sisters A place where every girl´s time is respected. Where you will feel comfortable and free to learn without external pressures or competitions, on a safe environment always supervised by one of our certified IKO Instructors.

The spirit is one of our bases, what define us and the reason why our sisters keep traveling with us. The group is a community, where every woman arrives with a background and personality. Our goal is to create a group spirit; sharing activities, passion and support for the same sport, empowering each other; looking for the integration of everyone: you will arrive to the Camp as a stranger but leave it with a bunch of friends and SISTERS.

There´s no age limit or previous experiences required; just the desire to enjoy, willingness to learn and courage to list on an unforgettable trip; both from the sport, human and cultural side.

Welcome to the Kite Sisters World!

Job Opportunities

We offer the best to our guests, so we expect the best crew. To be part of the Kite Sisters Crew you need to be dedicated, passionate about our Camps and willing to learn, deliver good energy and mood and share the same passion that we do. If you think you can fit in one of the positions, contact us! We are picky, but because we want to exceed the expectations of our sisters.

  • Passionate about ocean, travel and water sports.
  • Multilingual
  • Certified Instructors: IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) – ISA (International Surfing Association)
  • High School and University Degree
  • Adult. Minimum 21 years old required.

Our History

2009 –
We founded our Kite School in Cuesta del Viento, Argentina, a stunning spot on a windy lake up in the mountains and with a stunning view of the Andes Cordillera.

2010 –
The idea born: Kite Sisters. In our second season and seeking for having more women in the water, we challenged ourselves to bring the national female riders of the country for the long weekend Easter on a Girl´s only Kite Camp in our local spot. We started to spread the world!

2011 –
March 2011: the first Kite Sisters Camp. 7 girls, from different parts of the country and one international rider. The dream, the idea and the spirit of Kite Sisters was reflected in every assistant of that Kite Camp: helping, encouraging and empowering each other, pushing the limits not only of our Kiteboarding; but the presence of women on a male-dominated sport.

September 2011: We are going for more. After a successful season in Southern Peru – Paracas – we organized our second Kite Sisters Kiteboarding & Yoga Camp: 15 women, from all over the world… Sisterhood to the limit! We realized that women in kiteboarding were already out there, we just had to give them a place and excuse to get together!

2012 –
March and April 2012: We launched our first Kite & Yoga Camp in Caye Caulker Belize, with 2 groups of women in all levels of the sport. We travel and lived in Tulum, Mexico; dreaming about opening our new destination in this breathtaking beach of the Riviera Maya.

September 2012: after 4 months living in windy Essaouira; we launched our second new destination of 2012 in this exotic moroccan city: a Kite, Yoga & Surf Camp. Many experiences and, of course, lot of wind!

2013 –
We launched our First World Tour, with an annual schedule including all the destinations and kiteboarding Camps organized for that year. We started to offer new and safe ways to our sisters to confirm, book and pay their travels.

We created Surf Sisters Camps; to offer an options for those Kite Sisters or new sisters looking to travel to exotic destinations and learn Surfing, combining it with Yoga. Same concept and passion, into Surf.

April 2013: We run our first Kite, Yoga & Diving Camp in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico and in October 2013: first Kite, Yoga & Surf Camp in Northern Peru.

We finished a great year, with 2 news destinations, many sisters and 5 destinations in 4 different countries!

2014 –
We reorganized our Camps, with an extend and International Crew, improved our services and modified the logistic.

May 2014: We organized our first Kite, Yoga & Surf Camp in Cabarete, Dominican Republic; adding the last and final destination of our annual schedule of Kite Camps around the world.

2015 –
12 Camps around the world and more than 70 new kite sisters. We keep pushing, traveling, teaching and focus on offering on each Camp better services and unforgettable experiences.

Our Team

Our Crew is unique: traveling from all over the world, consists on a group of professionals from Tourism and Sport fields: IKO Kiteboarding Instructors, ISA Surfing Instructors and Yoga Teacher certified by the International Yoga Alliance. Our fun, charismatic and awesome Coordinator and our team of Chefs; together with our local Staff that support us in the daily logistic.