Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Kite & Yoga Camp

Our annual Camp in Tulum, Mexico is organized every year in April. You can check the details about our Packages and inclusions HERE or directly CONTACT US and will get back to you with all the information shortly.

Spot description

Riviera Maya is a truly paradise for Kitesurfing, riding in uncrowded and wild beaches in the Caribbean ocean, pristine and warm water and steady wind.

During this Camp we will kite in “Tankah Bay”, a remote private beach, with turquoise water, palm trees and small waves, where wind mainly blows on shore and side-on shore.

Sandy bottom, no obstacles and an open and spacious bay, closed by the reef.

Playa Blanca is a completely flat water lagoon located in Cancun. This is going to be our “Day Trip”, where we will spend the entire day on this gorgeous kitesurfing spot. Wind is steady, with an open, shallow and huge lagoon; where, in the deepest areas, water arrives up to your hips.


Tropical and beautiful weather, with an average temperature of 80 to 88 F / 26 to 32° C, between November and April.

From February and on (March, April and May) is the “dry season”; with sunny days, a few occasional rains and steady wind.

Clothing: bring summer clothes, for day and night. Sometimes, can get a little bit colder during the night, so you may need a light sweater or hoodie and a light jacket for any occasional rain.

Sea Temperature: warm water with an average of 79F.


Average: 12 to 20 knots

Direction: Side-On Shore and On Shore

Kite sizes: 9 to 14 meters


Wetsuit: It´s not necessary. It´s important a rash guard, to protect your skin from the sun. Our Kite Sisters kit include one, so we´ve got you covered!

Booties. Not necessary.


The Kite Sisters House in Tulum, Mexico is a lovely beach front property located in Tankah Bay, just 2 miles from the ancients Mayan Ruins of Tulum.

The property is a main Villa and two attached bungalows; all with open, spacious and comfortable rooms, each one with ensuite bathroom.

A private beach, where you can enjoy our pool, chill at the covered patio, the palapa and enjoy the breathtaking views while you relax in one of the hammocks.

Bedrooms distribution:

1 Master Bedroom with king size bed, ensuite bathroom and private terrace. Available for upgrade to private ensuite room.

2 Bedrooms, each one with 2 queen beds and ensuite bathrooms.

2 attached Bungalows, each one with private entrance, 2 queen size beds and ensuite bathroom.

All the bedrooms have A/C and fan. Internet Wifi.

Daily Housekeeping.

Rooms are shared, upgrade to single room is available with a surcharge.

Mexico´s chart

Language. Spanish is the official language in Mexico.

 Electricity. 110 volts

Currency. Mexican peso. 1 USD = 14 pesos

Telephone and Internet. The area code for Mexico is 045.

Health. There is no vaccine mandatory. Tulum is an area still in infrastructure development, so tap water is highly valued and solar energy is used in the area. Therefore, we recommend using bottled or sterilized water.

Visa. According to Mexican government regulations, all U.S. citizens must show a valid passport, book or card, to enter Mexican territory, by any means of transportation, beyond the border zone (20 kilometers, 13 miles, from the border). No visa or tourist card is required for stays of less than 72 hours within the border zone.

Sources recommended:

Mexico Government site

Visit Mexico

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