Why choosing Kite Sisters for your next Kiteboarding Trip

Annie Ross is the Adventure travel and fitness columnist for London Evening Standard and joining us last April 2017 in our Kiteboarding & Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. This is her experience during the Kite Sisters Retreat:

Girls, this one’s for you – particularly those who like water sports,, delicious food and luxury villas. Having spent a week at the Kite Sister kiteboard camp in Mexico, my knowledge of the sport has improved infinitely. Thanks to their expert coaching, there are hundreds more women feeling great out on the water.

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Kitesurfing, Music and More: a whole experience in one Kite Camp

Kite Sisters in Gnaoua Festival Essaouira is not only known as one of the "windiest cities in the world" but, also a "The City of the Music" that, every year, receives one of the most important music Festivals of Africa: the Gnaoua World Music Festival, a music, art, cultural event that you just can´t miss! Isn´t it a great plan? One week where you can enjoy all-in-one: daily Kiteboarding lessons, Yoga and music concerts from the best artists of Africa. Our Crew will take care of every single detail,
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