Q?Why choosing Kite Sisters?

Kite Sisters is exclusively orientated and dedicated to provide high level of services to offer you an unforgettable and unique kiteboarding holiday.

Since 2010, we have been organizing women´s only Kiteboarding Trips around the world, teaching kiteboarding and improving our sisters level and riding skills; women´s from different ages, experiences, backgrounds, skills and sports difficulties.

Our objective is deliver an extraordinary experience with focus in each of our sisters, we don´t organize “ride with a pro camps” or promote ourselves through this events, everything is focus in our clients.

As we are always open to receive our sisters feedback and constantly analyze every single details from each Trip; we are regularly improving our services and logistics, making our packages and trips even better every year; challenging ourselves to always deliver more than the best that we can and that you are expecting.

With a solid background working in the travel, sport and services industries from more than 15 years in International corporations and top brands; we were able to create solid basis, where every single aspect of a Trip has been carefully developed and chosen for women´swe know our clients, what they need and are looking for, so we deliver a personalized and unique services: welcoming by the Crew in the arrival airport, lodging with all the amenities needed to make you feel more comfortable than home; balance, fresh and home made breakfast, lunch and dinners; the best transportation; Yoga every day; local Tours and activities to discover the destination, disciplines to combine with daily kitesurfing, such as surf, diving, snorkel.

We offer specific packages for either the beginner kiteboarder, with high level of lessons provided by certified instructors; to Advance riders, with a weekly training plan and goals achievement, using professional tools, such as Video Coaching, to bring the training to the highest level.

Q?Do I need to know how to Kitesurf to assist to one of your Camps?

No, you do not need any previous experience to travel with us! The Kite Sisters Team will teach you how to Kitesurf, following the IKO Program, focus on security and your own progress.
We promote a comfortable and competitions-free environment; every girl will learn and progress with her own times and, mainly, having fun.

Learn more about the Kiteboarding Course that you will take during one of our Kitesurf Camps in the section Learning Kiteboarding.

Q?I´m an Advance Rider. What can you offer me?

In every Camp we have available for independent kitesurfers the Advance Coaching Package, that includes daily Coaching, to push your riding skills and reach your next kiting goals.

We consider our Advance riders “athletes”; so we will work with every sister on a weekly training schedule, in order to generate a solid and safe progression; with the support of effective and professional tools, such as the Video Coaching.

Q?Why learning in one of your Camps and not directly in a Kite Center?

There are many reason that makes learning Kiteboarding in one of our Kitesurf Trips a good decision:

  • All about kiteboarding. You will completely submerge during one week in the kitesurfing world. Our Kiteboarding Trips are focus in the sport, so you will learn kiteboarding not only during your kite lesson, but also helping, assisting and talking with other sisters about kites, experiences, tips, spots. We organize daily Theory lessons, safety clinics and talk about gear, security, spots, hazards and you need to know to become and independent and safe kiteboarder.
  • Experience. Our Team has more than 6 years teaching, traveling and coaching kitesurfing. All our instructors are certified in all the disciplines that are teach during our Camps: IKO Instructors, ISA Coaches and Yoga Teachers. We have teach and ridden in all kind of kitesurfing spots and conditions, from light wind and big kites to strong conditions with 3 meters kites and waves.
  • Competition free and non-pressure environment. We will help you throughout the learning curve with confidence and security; even if you are beginner, intermediate or advance, we will teach you, push you and help you adapting to your skills, background, abilities and difficulties. Every person is different so we will adapt every teaching to your best way of learning.
Q?How does Kite Sisters organizes the Kite Camps?

Every destination where we organize a Kiteboarding Camp is a place where we have been kiting, teaching and living, for a period of time (at least one wind season). This gives us the necessary experience and knowledge to develop a proposal that covers, not only delivering an extraordinary experience, but also showing you the best of each destination, regarding Kite sports and conditions, places to visit, tours and activities, local cuisine, people and culture.

We research and visit every corner of the destination, looking for those details that will make each trip unique: a Villa where the group can feel comfortable and like home and a great local team with the same passion and commitment to offer every sister an unforgettable experience.
You will get from every destination what we believe is special… this means, for example, discover every corner of a tiny island in the Caribbean by bicycle, surfing right in front of your room in Chile, kiting on a sublime and uncrowded beach in Tulum overlooking the maya ruins, tasting the best, local and home made peruvian food in Paracas, discover a secret spot in the Peruvian NorthShore, living on a tradition but luxury Moroccan style home in Essaouira, in the middle of the amazing arabic culture…
Trips are life experiences: sharing them with a group of women from different countries, discovering each destination throughout the sport with people that will show you what you won´t find on a travel guide; is an unique and invaluable opportunity.

Q?What is Video Coaching on Kitesurfing?

Video Coaching is a incredibly effective tool that has been being used during the last 20 years in the Surf Industry for high performance training.

Our Head Instructor, certified IKO Kiteboarding Instructor and ISA Surf Coach, has adapted this surf training technique to Kiteboarding and to the Advance Coaching lessons for our Independent riders (those girls that assist to our camps that already have an advance riding level).

The Video Coaching enables us to show you exactly what you look like and what you need to do to. It brings in line what you think you are doing, with what you are actually doing. Our Kitesurf Coach will film your kiteboarding session so that after you can together analyze the video and find all the mistakes and everything that you need to work regarding technique, attitude, body and kite position to improve and push your riding to the next level.

Q?Is Kiteboarding a dangerous sport?

No, Kiteboarding is not a dangerous sport, if you learn it with a Certified Kiteboarding Instructor and you follow the basic safety rules and respect the Right of Way rules (ROW), when you are riding.

The Kitesurf industry and gear technology and design have grown and improved to the point that nowadays all the security systems and equipment has been developed and produced to make Kiteboarding easy, safe and user friendly!

Just remember to be safe and respectful by the nature, conditions and other users on the beach and kiteboarders… that way you will have every time you go to the water an awesome session!

In you would like to learn more about gear, safety rules and tipos, ROW and how to behave on a kite beach, visit our section Learning Kiteboard.

Q?Do I need to be strong and fit to learn kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is mainly technical sport, that needs more concentration than strength! You will be hooked to the kite with a harness, so you won´t be holding it with your arms.

Being fit can help, but shouldn´t be determinant in your decision of learning the sport, so please don´t confuse with the image from kite girls on tinny bikinis! We have teach girls of 8 years old to women in their 60s and they have learn, enjoy and keep kitesurfing!

It´s recommended to know to swim and feel comfortable in the water!

Q?How long does it take to learn Kitesurfing?

The process of learning Kiteboarding is going to depend on each particular person. Generally, a Kiteboarding course takes from 10 to 15 hours, that is recommended to split in different days, in order to get a gradual and solid progression and the necessary rest and recovery between each step of the learning.

Having experience in other sports, such as windsurfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, surf, skate, can really help in the learning, but is not completely significant. It´s possible that you have never done an action or related sport, and your Kitesurfing progress is fast and solid.

This is mainly a technical sport, so if you dedicate the proper time, learn with a certified instructor and enjoy the process, you will become a Kiteboarder faster than you think!

Q?Is age a limitation to learn kiteboarding?

There are no age limitations to learn kiteboarding.

Kitesurf is an easy sport to learn if you have the guidance and instruction from an certified Instructor.
The last 5 years, we have teach women from all over the word; from kids to mature women’s and everyone had fun, learn safe and get addictive to the sport.
This means that you don’t have to be afraid or think that Kitesurfing is not for you… We will teach you all you need to know to become an independent kiteboarder and love it!

Q?What is the IKO? Am I going to get a certification?

The IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organization, an independent and global organization dedicated to developing and promoting safe kiteboarding worldwide; funded in November 2001.
IKO provides a professional level of teaching standards, recognized and applied worldwide and updated all the time regarding the development and new technologies on the equipment and teaching methods.
There are different levels for a Kitesurf Instructor and all the Kite Sisters Instructors are IKO Certified with the highest Instructor levels: IKO Level 2 Senior. Getting to this qualification requires thousands of teaching hours in different conditions, so you will be in good hands!

At the end of every Kiteboarding Trip you will receive your own IKO Certification Card; with an worldwide validation and that will specify your current level.


Q?What is the I.S.A.?

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is the World Governing Authority for Surfing and all Surf riding activities, including Short Board, Longboard, Bodyboard, Kneeboard, Tandem, Skimboard, Tow In and Stand Up Paddle surfing. The ISA is dedicated to the development of these sports worldwide; providing guidance and advice to its members around the world on matters such as competition, judging, coaching, surf schools, anti doping and drug testing and other areas of development of the sport.

The ISA is a non-profit organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the International Federation for all waveriding sports including surfing and bodyboarding. The ISA is a member of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), and the International World Games Association, (IWGA).

Our Surf and Kitesurf Instructors and certified ISA Coaches. 

Q?What kind of lodging do you choose for the Camps?

We choose the best possible lodging for our sisters. We always have spacious and cozy properties, beach front Villas, Riads and cozy posadas, with all the facilities necessaries to make you feel like home, nice and comfortable to enjoy your kiteboarding holidays!
Kite Sisters spirit is sharing the experience with the entire group and making new friends and travel partners… this is the reason why we do not work with Hotels: the synergy and energy of the group is not only created on the beach, doing the yoga, kiteboarding lessons and activities, but also living and sharing common areas.